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About UtahLatinos.com

UtahLatinos.com has evolved through the years into what is now a site for selected news, commentaries and information regarding the issues that impact Latinos in the State of Utah as well as around the country. In an effort to reach Latinos who are bilingual the website will provide information in English and Spanish.

In 2003, as the Director for the Office of Hispanic Affairs for the State of Utah, I began to develop a list of contacts in the community. I began sending emails, sometimes up to half a dozen a day or more. This email list has grown immensely; each email is forwarded to friends and family all over Utah and even the world. I'm flattered by the comments I received and I know that many of you have read some or all of the emails that I've sent everyday for the past three years.

Our goal at UtahLatinos.com is to provide Latinos and the community in general news and information as it happens. No matter how close or how far we are, you will find the UtahLatinos.com website updated daily to keep you informed as always.

Today we read, listen and see the topic of immigration talked about every day. Latinos are not only concerned about the topic of immigration but they also want to be informed about education, health, business, culture, language, politics, buying power and the new Latino trends. Each of these issues impact the quality of life in the communities where we live. Everyday more Latinos are at the front of them contributing and taking important roles.

Finally, utahlatinos.com was created to provide ready information 24/7. As a result, professors, media professionals, high school, college and university students, as well as the community will continue to have access to all the news and information at their finger tips.

Each story posted on the website is carefully handpicked to contribute to the diverse Latino community that we are, as well as to see the impact they are creating.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to share your insights with your organization, business or for any public speaking engagements.

You will also be able to read my weekly columns "Conversaciones" published in "El Estandar" Spanish newspaper with a circulation of 17,000 copies distributed along the Wasatch Front. In addition, each Tuesday you can listen live at noon to, "Pulso Latino," on Radio Exitos 1550 AM.

We appreciate your time and consideration and please visit us daily. Soon you will be able to subscribe to our daily updates. In the meantime you will continue to receive an email with a link to utahlatinos.com

Thank You,
Tony Yapias
Editor/Publisher, UtahLatinos.com
[email protected]

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